Dallas Nightclub Venue for 21 and Up – Best Dance Clubs in Dallas TX

Welcome to the newest Dallas nightclub venue “Club 8”. One of the best dance clubs in Dallas TX and in the entire state of Texas for adults 21 and up located in the Night Hotel. What separates us from other nightlife experiences in the industry is that we offer the most advanced lighting and sound system, along with the largest liquid nitrogen system in the city. “We set the stage and you become the show” every Friday and Saturday. Our Dallas nightclub has 21 hotel rooms that open directly in the venue making it one of the most unique dance clubs in Dallas TX. Encompassing 11,000 square feet of space on the inside, the venue is accompanied by a 7500 square foot outdoor pool area that contains a retractable roof that is being installed in the near future, making it the perfect spot to party year round.

Utilizing contemporary technology to our advantage, we have installed 13 LED chandeliers equally separated throughout the ceiling space of our Dallas nightclub. Out of all the dance clubs in Dallas TX, we are the only venue in the city that combines hotel, pool, and club space all in one setting without leaving the room. We want to make your experience unforgettable each and every time you set foot on our property. Whether you are looking to book bottle service, cabanas, or simply want to participate in the madness as general admission, it is our job to provide you with impeccable customer service.

Our Dallas nightclub was designed to be the best dance clubs in Dallas TX where every spot in the venue has its own focal point on the DJ booth no matter where you are at. The floor elevates the further you get from dance floor which allows the DJ to see everyone’s face during their performance. Our Dallas nightclub has 40 tables on the inside and 30 on the outside pol area with cabanas. Out of all of the dance clubs in Dallas TX we are only venue with 4, 80 inch screen video bar . The foundation of the club is supported by 20 pillars along with section dividers that contain Italian glass mosaic tile. DLV 3D projection lighting lights up the dance floor that is surrounded by Bass Maxx concert series line array sound system. There are 4 hosts, 7 bartenders, 14 cocktail waitresses, 16 security guards, 5 bar backs, 2 resident DJ’s, 2 go go dancers on duty.  Our Dallas nightclub staff is proud to be setting the new standard for dance clubs in Dallas TX, and we hope to see you soon! For Dallas bottle service, special events, birthdays, bachelor, bachelorette parties, and corporate event inquiry, please contact us at 469.919.8228.